Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The book I'm carrying around...Practical Jean

Practical JeanPractical Jean by Trevor Cole

What would you do to save your best friends from the pain and agony of death?  Dying can be drawn out, long, miserable.  Of course, it won't necessarily be that way for everyone, but just in case, wouldn't you want to save your friends from that?  I agree that since we all have to die it would be better if it were quick and painless.  I just don't want it to be anytime soon - so i'm glad Jean Vale Horemarsh in all of her practicality is not my friend.

I wish I had just bought this book without reading the back cover, something I rarely do except when I can't get a sense of the story from the front cover, only because I would've enjoyed the surprise of the story that much more.  But since I did, there was a certain suspense in watching the story unfold, so it was still good.  Cole has packaged together a kind of dark humor, suspense, and a fateful decision into an interesting story.

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