Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekend project - Cozy Cafe Cowl

Every weekend, I am in the bleachers/stands/seats of some sports facility watching my children in some sporting event (last December, I also went through hours of play rehearsals, too). And I get fidget-y sitting around with nothing in my hands, so I crochet. At practice, at games, in the car to and from. Generally, I take a mindless project with me that I don't have to keep track of stitch count in between cheering for the basket, fussing about the foul, or watching the stop watch. The best projects are the ones I can get done - start to finish - between Friday and Sunday.  For the many other mom's out there who will be cheering someone on for doing something this weekend, let me share my latest project.

Baby alpaca (1 skein) - cowl

I've had this skein of baby alpaca yarn in my stash for awhile.  (I think I sent my best friend 2 skeins, I'm not sure if she's made anything with it yet, but she should because it's sooo soft.)  I used a 10mm hook and Tunisian stitches to complete a long panel, then sewed the ends together to form a round.  It's perfect for slipping over my head, under my coat collar, and heading out the door. No scarf tails, no wrapping, fits easy and cozy.  How long did it take?  It didn't even take the full weekend - I did this during last Sunday's swim meet! Hours-long swim meets are great for 1 skein projects, I generally only get half a project done during a basketball game.

I'm still sorting through yarn and ideas for this weekend.  I think we have 2 basketball games and of course, the big game - the SuperBowl!

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