Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Project - my first (knit) scarf

For years I've been saying I want to learn to knit.  I love crocheting but there are just some stitches and textures that you can't get in crochet that you can get in knitting, and vice versa, so I wanted that flexibility to do either needlecraft.  To teach myself to knit, I started working on a dishcloth, I figured no matter what it looked like, at least it would be functional and all my work wouldn't be in vain.  It turned out a little lumpy with a couple holes.  Despite that, my next attempt was a scarf for my daughter - in her favorite color - purple.

Knit Infinity Scarf

This infinity scarf (so-called because its a circle, no ends) was made with Loops & Threads' Cozy Wool on 9mm needles.  Its a basic stitch - knit or purl, not sure which - the one where the yarn is wrapped around from the back; I didn't use a pattern, just did the only stitches I knew.  On my first attempt, after a few rows, I realized that my original width was way too big for my petite 11-year old, so I had to start all over.  After ending the scarf, I crocheted the two ends together.  Ta da - my first knit scarf (and it looks so much better than my dishcloth)!

How long did it take?  A tennis practice, a basketball game, and through the SuperBowl, with stops for food, drinks, checking the score, and of course, watching Madonna's half-time show.

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