Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March is National Craft Month

I have no idea who designates such things, but crafts is the thing for March.  And since I like to think of myself as a pretty crafty person, why not just jump in with a challenge that will further reduce my amount of sleep per day?

There's a long list of crafts-to-do in my head - and as my friends who I mentioned this to reminded/corrected me - there's quite a bit of half-done projects in my house.  Therefore, I am declaring for myself that March is Finish-Some-Crafts Month.  My challenge to myself - and anyone who would like to join me - is to complete some of the half-done projects laying around and maybe even get to some new ones I'd like to try.  (I dare not make a list because it may seem that I'm a highly distractable person that spends way to much at craft shops and yarn stores, I'll let that become more apparent as the month goes on.)

I've gotten a jump start by finally making and ordering a digital photo album from our family vacation last summer.  Its not really all the pictures, let's just say, Kodak has a limit to the number of pages you can put in a book so that's where I stopped.  And, as invited by a friend, I joined Pinterest for further inspiration (but I haven't figured out how to pin anything yet).

Now, let me think what my first project will be.....


Robyn said...

Maybe I can make a new piece of jewelry a day. That will be awesome!

Mommyx4 said...

Just think how much jewelry you would have by the end of the month b/c you can't stop at just 1!