Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend Project - Sweets & Cards

What am I doing this weekend?  In addition to the regularly scheduled basketball games and church, we also have middle school registration (yes, already! and by "already" I mean that I can't believe B is old enough to go to middle school and isn't it only February?) and I have sorority meeting.  And somewhere in between I'll be doing what any mom worth her coffee will be doing - clearing off her kitchen/craft table for Valentine's Day!

We have three official class parties, one student-inspired lunchtime celebration, and Girl Scouts meetings (can't forget the Girl Scouts).  That adds up to about...100 Valentine's Cards?  Maybe not quite that much, but it feels like it.  I'm pulling out all the pink, red, and white paper; heart punches, stickers, and stamps; red and pink markers; glittery sticky stuff; and glue sticks.  The kids can take it from there, making sure they have enough cards for everyone on their list.
Valentine card making supplies
To go along with cards, I always like to make some special sweet treat.  For the Girl Scouts, we'll probably have the traditional s'mores, they'd be really cute with some pink marshmallows (any ideas where to find some?).  And for my family, I'll bake a cake - it's not really a secret because its red and their favorite, but let's pretend they'll be surprised.  The cupcake version will go to one of the class parties.  Next, something for the teachers and any other special folks.

While wondering around in blog-space, I happened to come across a sweet recipe for peanut chocolate clusters at Our Delightful Home.  And since I've never met a recipe I didn't tweak, I substituted almonds for the peanuts and added caramel sauce, the kind you use on ice cream sundaes, to the mix.  A few cooking notes here.  Whether using chocolate chips or squares, it only takes about a minute to melt in the microwave and it will not be smooth and liquid-y when taken out; mix a little to get it from its melt-y stage to smooth.  Since the caramel is saucy, it takes longer than it seems like it should for the candies to harden.  Its a messy, quick, hot process so be careful and work fast.

Almond Caramel Clusters
Ingredients: chocolate chips or squares, almonds, caramel sauce

Pour almonds into foil pan.

Melt chocolate in microwave.  Heat caramel sauce if needed, to make it easy to pour.

Pour caramel and melted chocolate over nuts.  Using rubber spatula, mix all together.

Scoop portions into mini-cupcake liners.

Let cool.  Enjoy!

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