Thursday, March 1, 2012

Craft challenge - Project 1: Beaded Bracelet

I have a beaded bracelet that "not me" broke. If you have any children in your house, you've probably met "not me". Sometimes she's accompanied by her friends "wasn't me" and "I don't know". Somehow, "not me" climbed up on the counter and got my bracelet out of the bowl it was oh-so pleasantly lying in and broke the string.  But at least "not me" saved most of my beads.  I've been sadly looking at my broken-string-lost-bead bracelet for a few weeks now.  Restringing the beads started off my craft month.

Granted, it may not be the most creativity-required project, but it did require some crafty effort.  I bought elastic beading string and some beads that matched (on sale at that!) - they aren't the exact same size, so I mixed them in with the others.  I used a beading wire from my stash of supplies to string the elastic then tied it to chain section of beads.  There is still a long string hanging off because I'm wondering if I should glue the knot or will it hold when I cut it?

In the meantime - here's my project for today...
Ta-da - my bracelet's as good as new!

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