Monday, April 9, 2012

What I did over Spring Break

Nothing.  For the past week, I have done, for the most part, nothing.  And it was great.

I had a meeting to go to, I think I was on a conference call at some point, and I worked on Election Day.  Other than that, nothing.  Then we went to the beach and did nothing there, either.

I took a moment to take a picture of this tree on an industrious morning.
We slept in, ate breakfast around 11.  The kids played outside a bit - basketball, rollerskating, riding their bikes.  I think one of the kids went swimming one day.  Someone got a new bike, someone checked books out of the library.  I started reading The Global Achievement Gap and The Weird Sisters (2 separate books, more on them later), still waiting for one of my girls to give me The Hunger Games back. I wrote a little bit.  Crocheted a little bit - almost done my poncho/shawl thing.  We ate out more than I prefer - can get a little expensive for a family of 6 - and the kids didn't do as much academic practice as I would like.   We enjoyed home-made beignets and experimented with making funnel cake.  I cooked Easter dinner.

There was a lot of other stuff we could've done.  On a good day, I've got a good laundry list of things to do around the area, day trips, craft projects, and educational activities.  But we didn't do any of it.  I think my kids have enjoyed their break, they haven't complained about not going to a museum, although they have asked to go to the movies.  And before the break, my oldest asked me to please not sign her up for camp because she didn't want to wake up early and that would take up her whole week of doing nothing.

If you've ever read any other of my posts, you may have picked up on the fact that we have a busy schedule.  So a week of hanging around doing nothing, has been good.  And now we get back to our regularly scheduled school - homework - Girl Scout meetings - swim practice - TaeKwanDo lessons - basketball practice - chorus/play rehearsal - tennis lesson - PTA meetings - a hot meal would be nice life.

(and Congrats! to my friend & her hubby who welcomed their new baby to the world on yesterday - enjoy this time while he just eats & sleeps & poops.  Before you know it, you'll be wheeling that stroller, hurrying off to art class and French lessons!)

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