Sunday, April 22, 2012

What secrets do I have on FaceBook?

Facebook - the must-have social media connection to the world - is pushing us to its new TimeLine layout this week.  Or at least that's what it said on my profile.  In this new layout, I realized that I've been on FB since 2007 - wow.  That's a long time, I guess I've contributed my portion to Zuckerberg's wealth (though, I still am not sure how since I haven't paid 1 penny to check up on my friend's daily escapades).  I also now need to find a "cover photo" as if picking out a half-decent profile picture wasn't tough enough, now I've got to find one that looks good spread across the computer screen.

In addition to letting me know I still had a few days before my TimeLine would be available for all the world to see, it also gave me this instruction:
1. Review what's on your timeline now, and add or hide whatever you want.

Besides the fact that I am now confused because of all the status, news, and activities that are scattered across my page, and apparently move when something new is added, its left me wondering "what do I need to hide?"  Whatever I had said, liked, posted, played was there before.  What's going to pop up now that I'm moving to the TimeLine version?

In case I'm missing something, tell me what you hid.

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