Sunday, May 6, 2012

Photo challenge - Day 6: My window "garden"

I love those houses with beautiful flower gardens along the front walkway or a perfectly nurtured garden in the backyard, with space to sit and sip a glass of sweet tea and enjoy the outdoors, with a light scent of flowers.  But I am notoriously a terrible gardener.  My husband buys my fresh cut flowers and silk plants, and the few houseplants I have depend on my mother's visits for their livelihood.  But that doesn't stop me from going to the garden store, Home Depot, or wherever to buy live plants for my house.

Come spring, I always buy a few pots of herbs and, if I feel daring, a cherry tomato plant.  As long as the plants survive, I enjoy my little garden harvest.  Fresh basil with slices of mozzarella cheese and tomatoes, also all great ingredients for a grown-up grilled cheese sandwich.  Oregano for a tomato sauce or season chicken.  A mint plant - mojitos, anyone?

So far, I've picked up basil and parsley (the one on the right, already browning), but have yet to replant them into something prettier.

The plant in the middle belongs to my son.  Its a Venus fly trap that he picked out at the Flower Mart; I guess this is what I get for making a boy spend a beautiful Saturday wandering through aisles of flowers.  Apparently, as I found out that afternoon, ever since he saw his cousin's performance in "Little Shop of Horrors", he's been researching man-eating plants and wanting to get one.  Hopefully, this one will only eat the bugs that come in when someone leaves the door open and all the children will remain safe.  

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