Saturday, August 18, 2012

Moms Deserve to Relax and Refresh

Its a simple idea, but so hard for moms to do - carve out some time to enjoy themselves.  To relax, indulge in something sweet, chit-chat with other like-minded souls, in a non-kid focused atmosphere.  Sure, we love our kids and we love being moms, but we also need to love ourselves.

This weekend, i've been invited to hang out at the Mocha Moms Mid-Atlantic Powerhouse Moms retreat in northern  Virginia.  I get to hang out a bit and share the good stuff going on.  In a cozy boutique hotel with a light agenda of activities and workshops (Six Marriage Strategies for a Hot Sex Life, anybody?), its a reminder for moms to take some time to refresh and relax.  I'm not doing the full experience - including sleeping in a comfy hotel room in a bed that I don't have to make in the morning and wandering leisurely to morning yoga - because I've got mommy stuff to do in the middle of all the activities, but I'm going to enjoy what I can.  Starting with the Pretty in Pink Dessert Party & Marketplace last night.
My girlfriend Shawn came along with me for the evening
There were about a dozen vendors around the room, with a buffet of sweets - including a chocolate fountain.  If you're going to relax, you might as well throw in a chocolate fountain, right?

As I mentioned on FaceBook - I'm blogging this weekend as a Mocha Moms Rep for McDonald's of the DMV.  Was I a little excited about that selection?  Uh, yeah.  It's McDonald's!
Nicole Nicholas, Maryland/DC Mocha Moms State Coordinator, spinning the wheel for healthy menu options
An admission - I have a strong - hmmm, "like" isn't even the right term, since my husband has suggested I just indulge through an IV, but let's go with that for now - like of sweet tea?  Okay, maybe not the first thing you think of for "healthy" but moderation is key, along with balance and alternatives.  McD's gets hit hard as the reason why Americans are obese, but I think its all about choices.  I'm happy to see that the Filet-O-Fish is under 400 calories and the small Mango Pineapple Smoothie is only 220 calories.   Let me finish reading over the menu nutrition info and I'll tell you what else you can eat - and how many french fries should go along with that shake.

I was excited about JustDiva.  This is a new daily lifestyle email publication that delivers an engaging message highlighting a product, service, or experience to enhance your life.  Topics will rotate between a wide variety of areas such as beauty, fashion, food, home decor, health, and technology.  Their target market is today's African-American woman who is "more educated, more professionally accomplished and more socially conscious than she has ever been."  I took a peek at their archived tidbits and found recommendations for a company that does unique family tree designs (yet, another sometime hobby of mine), a baking company that makes vegetarian potpies, and a Christian jewelry shop.  Go ahead, take a look and tell me what you find -
Martine Foreman, Editor and Co-Founder of JustDiva
Unfortunately, I was not dressed appropriately to straddle the seated massage chair and let one of the guys from JustOneTouch massage out a couple of knots, but what a great service.  Here's a mom who was ready - strapless top, free and accessible shoulders.  Yeah, I was a bit jealous.
Mom, Meeka, enjoys a massage - oh, to be able to do this more often!
What you want when you go shopping is that girlfriend who tells you "nope, that's not too cute" when its really not and "yes, that looks great on you- buy it" when it really does.  That's why I love shopping with Shawn.  I don't think I've ever known her to say "oh, no, that's just too sparkly", so I probably have to credit her for several of the fun, sparkly pieces in my jewelry box.  And she gets credit for this one, too, from Tracey Lynn Jewelry.
My new necklace - its not too much for PTA, right?
I also stopped by Pink Papaya, a natural body products shop.  And now that I'm settled and putting my feet up, I'm realizing I was distracted by that chocolate fountain and forgot to get a jar of body butter (I love body butter).  Good thing I'll be back later this afternoon.
Kenya enjoying a hand treatment from Stacia of Pink Papaya

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TaJuana Davis said...

It was such a nice weekend and I truly appreciate the shout out on your blog. The website for more sparkly jewelry is thanks again

Shawn Thompson said...

Thanks for inviting me, I had a great time! And no, its NEVER too sparkly and ir DOES look great on you!