Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Free Pudding? Keep up the blog, mom!

My kids rarely pay attention to what I do.  In general, they know I'm a pretty busy lady, who gives them food in between fussing at them for leaving towels all over the bathroom floor, sits at the computer, typing and loading pictures, checks their homework, and then goes off to a meeting somewhere.  Then the other day, we got a package in the mail that invoked a brand new interest in my blog - pudding cups!

I have been added to the roll of bloggers on The Dish, a site by ConAgra foods that offers bloggers access to recipes, cooking advice - and most exciting to my kids - free samples delivered conveniently to our home by our friendly mailman, just in time for an after-school snack.

And for an indication of how well it went over with the kids - they've come up with a 4-Spoon rating system.  Each kid gets a vote, so a product can get a score of 0-Spoons to 4.  Nope, has nothing to do with cost, nutritional value, or ease of preparation - just whether the kids liked it and would eat it again.  Because, really, that's all I want to know.

Our first product... Snack Pack Pudding - Bakery Shop Collection: Banana Cream Pie
I've got to say, this one was up against some strong taste-test competition.  The kids' grand-dad makes a banana pudding that is a must at every family gathering, with very little leftovers.  You know, one of those dishes that no-one else in the family would dare to make.  Yeah, its that good.  Add that to the fact that my son (1 Spoon) does not even like bananas.
The pudding cups rate a 3 on our 4-Spoon scale!
The pudding was creamy and a bit thicker than I expected, more than other puddings, I think.  My daughter said that was a good thing because most puddings slide through your fork, but not this one.  I don't know when she last had pudding or why she was eating it with a fork.  The pudding does smell like bananas and tastes like bananas - a good thing for 1 of the kids, a fault of the pudding for another.  Don't ask what they thought banana pudding should smell like.  My son said it tastes like banana Laffy Taffy.  I tasted it too, and it was pretty good, not to sweet, not too strong a flavor.  Not grand-dad banana pudding good, but that was unfair to make that comparison anyway, sorry.

Moms - why you'll like it?  It's shelf-stable, which is nice to be able to keep snacks at the ready in the pantry or to throw in the snack bag for all the riding around from here to there.  It's in convenient little cups so portion control is already taken care of.  And, they come in packs of 4 - I love when things come in multiples of 4 - and several other "Bakery Shop" flavors.

*Note: I like to cook and I love trying out new recipes, whether prompted by a product company or not.  If I have been provided products or a recipe from a site/company as a promotion, I'll be sure to let you know.  If I don't say so, then its simply something I've come across that I'd like to share.  Enjoy!

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Robyn said...

Cool Frances. So fun getting free stuff in the mail. Yummy. I wonder if they have a fat/sugar free version of that?