Thursday, September 27, 2012

What we did on our day off from school... nothing

There was a time when I would try to pack every day with some adventure.  Going to see the new animals in the zoo, picking apples to make pie and applesauce.  Wandering around the Harbor, going to see the dolphins at the Aquarium or the dinosaurs at the Science Center.  Studying exhibits at the museum or sniffing flowers in the gardens.

Yesterday was a day off from school and somewhere in my mind I had the notion to go do something with the kids.  I didn’t really know what, but one of those “field trip” things we used to do more of when they were a little bit younger.  But instead, the kids slept late, then had whatever they wanted for breakfast.  Elle worked on some school work and studied for a test.  Breeze had her best friend over to hang out for the afternoon.  They wandered around the house thinking about what else they would do on their day off.  Jay played ball with his friends and ran the dog around the neighborhood.  Nat tagged along behind him.  We did some clothes shopping and bought some stuff from the craft store – paint brushes, a journal, sparkly bedazzled stickers.  Went out for frozen yogurt.

The kids are so busy on a regular day – school then whatever extra-curricular thing is on the calendar - that I feel undecided on what to do on a day off from school.  As much as I’d like to fill the day with some wonderful outing, I also want them to be able to enjoy the leisurely pace of doing “nothing”.  Yes, they would enjoy going to the movies or collecting 20 pounds of apples at the local orchard or bowling a few games.  But there’s also something about lying in the backyard reading a book.  Or making a box into a race car.  Or teaching your new puppy how to fetch.

I do try to keep my kids busy, but then, I think there’s something to be said – and to be enjoyed – about having the freedom to be free and to be bored.

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