Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stepping out on Faith

- Swim half a mile in open water (a real body of water, not a pool.)  Check.
- Run across a 1.5 mile, really high bridge.  Check. 
- Participate in a skit in public.  
- Pursue a passion. 
I don't like participating in skits.  Actually, let me correct that - I hate participating in skits.  Especially in public.  For me, any public performance is a break-out-in-sweat event.  Especially some improv thing.  How much do I hate being in skits?  So much so that in the Girl Scout activity guide where it lists skits as an activity option, I skip it just to avoid the possibility that the girls might ask me to be a part of it.  Yeah, I'm that bad.
So what happens this evening?  I go to a women's conference and get put into a group and we have to do a skit!  And it was at church so I couldn't say no, nor could I come up with some lie about why I wasn't going to do it.  I would've much rather run on the cold, long bridge again.
Why?  Why do we not like doing certain things?  We're scared, right?  Scared that we won't be successful - won't finish the race, will drown, will not be interesting in the skit, will be a bad speaker.  We're scared of failure, because it will be in front of everyone and who wants to do that?  Well, yes, of course it's the public part because we don't care what happens when we're  by ourselves.  I talk all day long when there's not a bunch of folks looking at me.  
I had to do the skit, no way out of it.  Hmmm...

The theme of the conference is about stepping out on faith, maybe that could be a hint.  Faith - the belief and trust in things not seen.  And that "thing" should be bigger than yourself because if all you've got to believe in is yourself, it would seem to kinda limit your expectations.  The key to having faith is that the thing you believe in - deity, spirit, star - should be a wiser, stronger, more knowledgeable being that knows what's waiting for you on the other side of whatever venture you are stepping into.  For me, it's God; it could be something/body different for you, but let's hope it's bigger than you.
Back to the skit.  Can't say I wasn't nervous, can't say I was good, can't say I was enthusiastic.  I was  none of that.  But having faith doesn't make you all the sudden not nervous or good or enthusiastic, you are still you after all.  Faith is not a magic wand - it's a journey, you're stepping in faith, moving forward.  Well, I made it through the skit.  And guess what?  My group won as the favorite skit!  That's the other thing that happens when you have faith.  Somehow the people, the resources, the stuff that needs to be in place for you to succeed is put where it needs to be.  For this skit, it was the enthusiastic, obviously skit-loving ladies in my group.  
What about that other thing on the list?  Following my passion, pursuing a dream.   Taking a few steps.  This blog is one of them.  Thanks for walking with me. 
Stepping out on faith... fashionably.
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