Thursday, November 8, 2012

Keeping My (Kids') Candy

The signs are at the dentist and orthodontist offices (and trust me, we spend a lot of time between the two): turn in your Halloween candy for $1/pound.  I'm not sure what they do with it, I don't imagine they donate it to some other kids.  I've read some donate it to soldiers serving abroad.  That's a nice gesture.   But still, I'm not trading in our Halloween haul of Reese's Cups and Jolly  Ranchers.       
I know there are those good mothers out there who worry about their children eating too much candy in the week after Halloween, concerned about the potential affect on their  teeth and energy level.  Maybe they even want to teach about sharing and managing what you eat and such good lessons like that.  That's a good idea, too.  But still, I'm holding onto the M&M's and Whoppers.
When did this trend start, this idea of turning in your Halloween candy?  Isn't that the whole point of the holiday - to beg a pillow-case full of candy from your neighbors and nearby strangers to munch on 'til Thanksgiving? As I mentioned in my post last week, Halloween is not my favorite holiday, it's only redeeming value is the candy.
We put the candy in a bowl on the counter to be picked out of at will, and then I let each kid pick a candy for their lunch. We're a week in and no-one's teacher has had to tie them down yet.  I, myself, have had so many Snickers bars in the past week, I might actually be filled with nougat and peanuts.  At this pace, we might last until Thanksgiving. 
("I hope my orthodontist doesn't read your blog.")
Enjoy your candy!
*note - please do support out servicemen and women serving abroad and at home, whether with care packages or in your prayers or any way that moves your heart. 

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