Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas from JustDiva

Do you have as much trouble as I do with selecting gifts?  I do all right if I come across something and instantly imagine it as the perfect gift for a specific someone.  But it's the pressure of "ah - it's Christmas shopping time and I've got a bunch of people I need to get gifts for" or "why do 10 of my friends have birthdays in the next 3 weeks?" that stresses me out and gives me gift-giving anxiety.  Know the feeling?  

To make gift-shopping a little more pleasant, I turned to Martine Foreman, editor and co-founder of JustDiva for some ideas.  I met her this past summer and loved her email service concept and signed up immediately.  Each day, I get a simple (short) email with recommendations for things such as beauty products, fashion ideas, food and drink.  She's guest blogging for me with her gift suggestions.  Thanks, Martine!  (And if any of my friends or family receive one of the items listed below, act surprised!)

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Once again a new year approaches, and we find ourselves in the midst of the most wonderful time of the year.  So many of us have a love/hate relationship with the holiday season.  We love wearing our cute boots and scarves, but we hate hat hair and frosty nights.  We love comfort food, but we hate the pounds that come with it.  We love shopping and giving, but we can do without the stress associated with figuring out what the right gift is.  

Well, JustDiva is here to help you manage the holiday season by offering some great recommendations that can make shopping a piece of cake this year.  We have to warn you - you will be tempted to do a whole lot of shopping for yourself.  In an effort to avoid too much of that here are some suggestions on not just what to get, but who to get it for.  Happy shopping! 

The Hostess 
So many parties to attend, but what do you bring the host/hostess?  We think Corkcicle is the perfect hostess gift. It's cute, practical, affordable, and pretty cool (in more ways than one). We love it and we think you (and your hostess) will too.  

The BFF 
Looking for the perfect gift to tell your best friend that you love her, you appreciate her, and you are in awe of how strong she is?  Then ckeck out Erica Sara Designs.  Her jewelry sends a powerful message.  It says, "I am strong, I am sexy, I am here."  

The Intellectual  
We all have that friend (or we are that friend) who just appreciates a piece of art that truly speaks to them - art that tells people what they stand for.  We think Fresh Words Market is an awesome site where you can get a piece of artwork that is simple, yet powerful.  It's also great for families with children because the artwork is so inspiring.

The Techy
The toughest thing about getting a cool gift for a techy is the fact that they usually have everything they need, and anything they don't have yet tends to be pretty pricey.  That's why The Easy Macro Cell Lens Band is great because it's super affordable but still pretty darn cool.  It fits on any mobile device, allowing you to take pictures that are stunning.  This Christmas the cell phone justmay be enough to capture every cool pic you need.  

The Foodie
During the holidays doesn't it seem like everyone indulges? If you have a friend with a sweet tooth, who appreciates fine chocolate then Courtney Paul Chocolates is worth the visit.  We know that there is chocolate everywhere you go, but not all chocolate is created equal and a true foodie will appreciate the fact that you got them the best you could find.  

We hope these suggestions make life a little easier for you this month.  Visit JustDiva for other great recommendations.  Sign-up for our emails when you visit the site and get more great ideas in the coming weeks.  

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping from the JustDiva Family!  

JustDiva is the fabulous email publication created to enhance the lifestyle of the Modern Black Woman by delivering the very best in product and service recommendations from across the worlds of beauty, fashion, food and drink, health and wellness, home and décor and much more.  JustDiva was launched in July of 2012, and although it targets Black women the content truly meets the needs of women from all walks of life.  Martine Foreman, editor and co-founder of JustDiva, is excited that so many women are signing up because JustDiva brings a carefully curated and actionable daily guide to women who need and appreciate what JustDiva offers.  

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