Saturday, December 1, 2012

How do you count the days?

Each year, I think it would be fun and festive to hang an Advent calendar in anticipation of Christmas.  Search on Pinterest (don't you love Pinterest?) or any family magazine or holiday webpage and there's a gazillion ideas for Advent calendar, purchased or home-made.  I put it on my list of holiday ideas every year, even plan on making one special for the family.  Then November 29 comes and I realize it is about impossible to make a 3-D box with little hand painted doors and locks filled with 24 unique and meaningful little teeny gifts in the next 24 hours.  And it moves to next year's holiday plans.
But yesterday, after again postponing the Advent calendar idea until 2013, I happened to go to Trader Joe's and there were chocolate filled calendars and they were only 99 cents!  I could get 4 and everyone would be happy.  Gave myself a "good mom" point.
How do these things work?  1-24 or 24-1?
Today - the debate ensued.  Do we start on the 1 and count to 24, because that's how a calendar works?  Or do we start on 24 and go to 1 because it's a countdown?   The kids and my husband looked at me for an answer since I was the one who brought these boxes home.   Ummm.  I didn't anticipate the  passionate  arguments for both counting methods.  And I thought I knew the answer until the kids asked.  See, this is what happens when you start a new tradition.
So, help me folks.  Count 1 to 24, or countdown 24 to 1? 


Soror Karen M said...

Hey soror....your littles look big enough to master 24 to 1. If they were younger I would go with 1 to 24.

Just Piddlin said...

So far, neither side has changed their mind and seem happy s long as they get their chocolate per day. We've got half going 1-24, the others 24-1. :-)