Thursday, December 27, 2012

Your Favorite Posts this Year

As I've told my family, I'm on vacation this week.  And while on vacation, I'm letting myself off easy on the blog posts by collecting some of the most-read posts this past year, just in case you missed any.  I was surprised by some, ignored some of the numbers (there's a few that I think have more to do with spam searches than real people), and had fun reliving some of the moments of my life.  Is your favorite post listed here?

My "Pack Your Bags" series of posts were some of the most popular.  I have them all collected on one page so you can easily finds tips about working out, going on vacation or a picnic, and other fun activities.  (Feel free to let me know if I'm missing something you'd like to see).

Easy Cooking Crockpot Spaghetti - Perfect for those long, busy, running around days, or for the culinary-disadvantaged.

A Quick Adoption Into a Fur-ever Home - We added four-paws to our family with the adoption of our black lab/German shepherd pup from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.

Cell Phone Cameras - For More Than Taking Photos of Your Kids - Some ideas of how I use my camera when I realized that I have relatively few photos of my kids on my cell phone, although I use it all the time.  And another tip - my brother added that he takes a picture of his passport before he travels so he has all the relevant info in case it gets lost.  Feel free to add any other ways you use your camera.

31-Day Photo Challenge - A fun photo assignment for the month

Fast food for Fast Times - A trip to McDonald's without making your kid an obese-kid statistic.

Moms Deserve to Relax and Refresh - Hanging out at the Mocha Moms (Mid-Atlantic) Retreat and  shopping with some of the vendors.

Golden Run - How I ended up running over 3 miles, in ear-ache inducing chilly wind, I don't know how many feet over cold water, overlooking Alcatraz, dressed in pink and green.

Family Cooking - Korean Mandoo - An old family recipe and a couple generations of hands results in 100s of little dumplings.

Won't Back Down - A review of the movie about parents taking on a failing school.

Me for the School Board? - If I ran the schools, I'd bring back dodgeball.  This and my other ideas for our schools.

Cutting the Apron Strings - My eldest went to New York City for the week, my second went camping in the woods.  All without me.

Thanks for reading - hope you will continue to hang around next year!

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