Sunday, June 2, 2013

Publishing & Power Reading

This post perhaps should be titled "Books I'm Carrying Around to the nth degree."  Yesterday I went to the Book Expo America in New York City and am going home with a whole bunch of books.  I mean, as in 2 big tote bags, and that's after leaving a few with my friends New York. 
Just some of my BEA2013-swag haul
Although, as I purused my inventory, I realized that a majority of the books are for the kids, so they'll be excited and we've got a start for our summer reading. They can even have that New Yorker with Will Smith and little Will Smith on the cover. 
Something for the girls
I attended the Expo wearing two hats. As a new author, I went to the uPublishu Conference. There were sessions all-day about building your author platform, engaging in social media (a must these days), and the pros/cons of self-publishing.  It was useful and I'll get into more details on my author site.
As an avid reader and blogger, I got a PowerReader Pass. For $49, a regular person (I.e. not a book industry professional) can get access to the Exhibit floor on Saturday, the closing day. Worked out for me that both of these events were on Saturday, so I went up and down the escalators all day, between the exhibits and conference sessions.
And the exhibit floor was huge! Late in the afternoon, as I felt about as weighed down as a pack mule, I realized that I had only made it through half the booths.  On the side I missed was the autographing area and the PowerReader lounge.  If only I had actually looked at the map they handed out with registration.  What a concept, right? One of the books I picked up that is available for free is the Buzz Books 2013, a compilation of samples of books due out in the fall, published by Publishers Lunch - available in the digital versions from B&N and Amazon. 
Excerpts of books-to-come - available for FREE in eBook formats
If you are a reader and need an excuse to go to New York for the day, this is a good one. My 10 tips if you go.
  • The day is short enough that you could attend and return home if you don't want to stay over in NYC (well, obviously that only applies to those in a couple hours of NYC or own private jets)
  • There is a bag check, so you can drop off luggage or totes of books that you've collected through the day (wheeled carts are not allowed)
  • Look at the map, check the schedule, and make a plan so you don't miss the signing authors or special sessions you really want to see.
  • Use the mobile app for the Expo. I used it to note all the conference sessions I wanted to go to - found that to be useful in keeping me on task. But, even by Saturday, there were some features that were still "coming soon".
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • A lot of the vendors gave out reusable totes, but I still brought my own. I like those canvas tote bags and use them all the time for travel and carrying all my stuff.
  • Bloggers - aside from books, there are product booths - let them know you are a blogger and have a conversation about products you like and would like to mention or review (if you do that kind of thing) 
  • Book Bloggers - there is a separate conference day for you specifically, check it out. (Or if you went, let me know how it was.)
  • Bring a bottle of water, some snacks.
  • Enjoy your haul of books!  
My lanyard marks about as far as I got thru BEA2013

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