Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Have WIP in my Bag and On My Way

It's another one of those days - pick up this child, drop off this child, deliver this child here, and get that child from there.  I'm so proud of myself when I finish such days having put everyone where they were supposed to be and got all 4 back home.  (And yes, there have been days in which that did not happen as it should.)

While the kids are busy doing whatever they do, I have chaffeur and wait duties.  I've got my to-do list of things I can do while mobile (call somebody for something, email this person about something else) and errands that are in the path (drop off those overdue library books, pick up stamps - imagine, actually mailing a real envelope!)

And of course, I've got my yarn and my hook.

I was working on a knit shawl but now that's getting warmer, I've switched to a crocheted shawl from the Spring Interweave Crochet.  It's a new-to-me technique called Bruges crochet, apparently, a stitch which resembles bobbin lace from Bruges, Belgium.  It requires some counting and concentration, and at 1369 rows, it does seem like it will take forever, but it's not really as difficult as it initially appeared.  The hard part is that I chose this thin yarn and am working with a 3.25 mm hook (the pattern calls for a 3.5 but my yarn is thinner.)  I'm using Almaza, a 100% tencel in shades of orange, gold, and green that I picked up from Just Our Yarn at the Sheep & Wool Festival, maybe last year.

Summer Shawl in Bruges crochet

Have you done Bruges crochet?  Or even lace?  Feel free to share any tips in the comments.  Keep up with my progress on my Facebook page.

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