Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good-bye to the Teddy Bears

When we first moved into our house, one of our first tasks was painting, wallpapering, and furnishing the little bedroom that would become our baby nursery room.
The bear read our babies bed-time stories for 14 years.
We bedded and raised four kids with the baby teddy bear reading books to his stuffed animal friends circling the room.  We passed on the crib and teeny-drawered dresser to friends. We moved in twin beds and bookcases. But the wallpaper trim remained. And then my 10-year old boy told me it was time for it to go.

Okay, maybe I agreed a little bit. Can't really be a self-respecting 10-year old boy with teddy bear wallpaper. Can you? Okay, okay, you can't.

Off to the hardware store to pick out paint. And let me say - is there any household project that does not require at least 3-4 trips to the hardware store? We went to pick out paint, we went back to buy the paint. And then after further discussion of the plan for the room, we went back to buy more paint. We went back for some other random reason I can't even remember right now. There should be someone at the door who says, "did you remember to get paint brushes, weed killer, and nails?" or whatever, based on whatever else you've got in your basket.

It was a two day project. We had to tape off the ceilings and pull his furniture into the hallway.  And sand down where his sister had stuck a green foam Girl Scout project on the wall. And fill in the hole where the door knob made a dent in the wall when someone went for a slam dunk in the basket hanging on the door.  And then we painted over the little teddy bears.
The new blue wall. No more teddy bears.

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