Monday, August 12, 2013

Go on - Get the Bikini

The summer days are dwindling down and perhaps you've done a good job in avoiding wearing a bathing suit all summer.  Isn't that one of the most stressful shopping trips known to woman-hood? Especially after you've hit a certain age and had a kid or two or four? Especially if you could, if you had to, live on chocolate cake and coffee ice cream?  Stop denying yourself the cool refreshment of the summer pool and get to a bathing suit shop. In fact, go ahead and get the bikini, if you want to! 

I own one-piece bathing and bikinis, two-pieces if you prefer. My one-pieces are the traditional sports, racer-back bathing suit that I wear when swimming laps and the other is a simple black suit. Like the LBD, everyone should own a flattering black bathing suit.And I have a pile of bikinis. Yes, I wear a bikini. Why? Especially, with the whole four pregnancies and love of chocolate thing? Because, once I tried one on, I realized, I actually didn't look as bad as I had feared. Now I'm not claiming I'm ready to walk down the Victoria's Secret runway, but I don't look like Dumbo's momma either.

Picking out a bathing suit takes time. Lots of it. Probably one reason moms never have new bathing suits, or when they do, it's something they grabbed off the rack at Target while picking up toothpaste, dog food, and a mixing bowl.  So, first, you've got to make time. Leave the kids home or go while they're at camp/school/a playdate.
Where are you going shopping? Whether its Target, a department store or swimming suit specialty shop, pick somewhere with a variety and options you really do like and can afford. So, how much should you spend? Don't necessarily get the cheapest one. Spend a bit on the one with stretch (look for Lycra in the materials) and that fits you really well.  The cheap ones will sag after a few wears and that doesn't look good on anyone. And of course, end of summer is a great time to get suits on sale. You can also check sports stores and swimming shops, especially if you want something sporty, for end-of-season clearance. You're better off with one great suit that's going to last and not fade, then a bunch that you're going to be throwing out by next summer.
Now - on to the store!  Grab up everything that you think you would like. Don't worry yet whether you would look good in it or not, just get it. Skirted polka dot? One-piece with cutouts? String bikini? Black one-piece? Whatever, get it. And don't worry about what all those articles say about what bathing suit fits your body, given some "imperfection." Do you ever look at those models? That one showing off the suit that covers a "problem tummy"? Please. If I looked like that chick, I'd be wearing a bikini to PTA meetings (and isn't mine glad I don't?)  So back to my point - get all the ones you like. Now go find a dressing room.
Hang up all the bathing suits in a couple piles - most likely will like, maybe this will work out, and ooh! If this fits, I'm going get an ice cream cone! 
Start trying them on. It'll take a couple for you to figure out what does and doesn't look good on you. I found those skirted one's did nothing but make my thighs look bigger, so threw all skirted things out of the running. Figure out what works, what you like, what makes you smile at your reflection. 
Pick out your favorites from your pile of what makes you happy. And admit it - you didn't look as bad as you feared. Remember that show, Look Good Naked or something like that? Those women - and probably most of us in real life, too - think we look worse than we really do. We should be nicer to ourselves.
Now, before you change your mind - hurry to the register with your bathing suits. Then grab your best sunhat, a good book, and head to the water.

And tell me - what kind of bathing suits make you smile at your reflection?

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