Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shadow Boxes are My New Scrapbooks

Once upon a time, I scrapbooked everything.  Pictures, tickets, school work, hospital bracelets. All the paraphernalia that came with life's events, big and small. And then suddenly - poof! - my time to select papers and buttons and stickers disappeared. Yet all the stuff of memories remained. And piled up. And I kept saying, "I'm gonna get back to scrapbooking."

In the meantime, I've found another solution, at least for some of the stuff.  I'm putting the physical remembrances from our events in shadowboxes.  It's easy, it makes a nice display in any room, and you can add to it. No glue or stickers required, unless you really want to add all that extra.

Shadowboxes come in different sizes and configurations.  Most have a picture mat inside so you can include a picture on the back "wall" and then put the associated stuff in front.  I picked these up at Michael's craft store (on sale!)

What can you put in a shadowbox? Anything from any important or memorable event.  You can be real extra fancy and add embellishments and doo-dads around the frame, if you'd like.  I might get to that, eventually.

Swimming ribbons. This box has a slot on top so more can be added easily.
Sorority Box. Conference nametag, event tickets, committee badges. I'm going to put in my membership cards, too.
Ticket box. Movies, Broadway, concerts.  A tennis tournament.  A Metro ticket from Obama's inauguration. Dinner menu from our anniversary celebration

New baby? Consider a baby picture with memories from those first fleeting weeks - hospital band and bassinet nametag, a picture with the grandparents, a silver rattle or first pair of socks.

School?  Along with a picture from the first day of school, add a school nametag, pencils, an art project. For the graduate, include a picture from Kindergarten and their senior photo, the tassle from their cap.

Sports?  Post a team photo and winning ribbons and awards. Add goggles for your swimmer or pretty ribbons for cheerleaders or gymnasts.

Vacation?  Include your favorite photo and memorabilia - seashells, postcards, matchbooks, tickets, brochures.

And - I had a brainstorm while working on this post - these would make really cute gifts! How about a picture of the mom-to-be and let guests fill it with notes or giftcards? She could use it for the baby's things (see above) in a few months.  Or for the high school grad heading off to college - fill it with cash and giftcards.  For the birthday boy or girl - include a photo and some of their favorite things.

Be creative and share any ideas you have in the comments below.

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Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families said...

The shadow boxes are a great idea and a way to show off your important memories. ;) I might have to make one with my youngest son's stuff. I saved a newborn diaper so that I can show him when he is older that he used to be that tiny. It is sad how quickly a baby grows up.

Mommyx4 said...

Yes - the diaper would be perfect for a box - can't put that in a scrapbook!