Friday, August 16, 2013

Stuff Every Woman Should Know

Do you know how to slow dance or check your oil? How to flirt or dress for your body type? How to give or accept a compliment or perform a breast self-exam?
According to this little blue book I picked up at BEA2013, this is just some of the "Stuff Every Woman Should Know" (by Alanna Kalb).  
Do you know how to change your oil, sew on a button?
It's a catchy title and a purse-sized book and of course, I wanted to make sure that I knew what I'm supposed to - especially by now, at my age, I figured I should have this stuff down. As I looked over the list, I realized that most of the items, I was a little iffy. 
Change a tire? When I used to drive my dad's small 2-door Japanese car, I could. Before I could even go for my driver's test, he made sure I knew how to take the flat tire off and put on a new one. But now that I drive a behemoth of a vehicle that carries 4 kids, their bookbags and sports gear, a dog, and a couple of friends - I don't even try.  The one time my tire blew out - on the highway, on my way to a meeting - my friend had her AAA card out without even a discussion of us trying to change it.  The big auto-repair dude working hard to jack up my car on the hydraulic jack and power tool off the tire, pretty much confirmed that that was not only the best, but only choice.   
How to slow dance. Okay, dancing is one of my major weaknesses. On a good night, if I've had a good mojito and no-one's talking to me too much, I can keep up with the Cupid Shuffle, but don't ask for much more than that. But slow dancing, that's pretty simple. Hand on the waist, hand in hand, smile, and follow along with your guy. I can do that. Keep it simple, no swinging, no spinning, no cheek-to-cheek tango (that requires at least another mojito and a shot of tequila).   
How to pick a signature scent. Apparently I'm not good at this, because I don't have one, I don't generally wear perfume.  
Self-defense techniques - this is a good one. Although I have a white belt in Tae Kwan Do (I quit after my brother jammed my finger with a really good roundhouse kick), I couldn't fight my way out of a wrestling match with my 8-year old. I've never been in a fist fight and my only defense mechanism is to scream and cry and swing my arms like a girl.
Hmm. Surprisingly, at my age, there's still a lot of things for me to learn. But I do know how to sew on a button and fix a hem, wear colors that look good on me (why I never wear blue), cook a few good recipes, and give a compliment. But it's nice to know there's things I still have yet to learn. Otherwise, where would we be if we've learned it all?
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