Friday, January 3, 2014

Books I'm Carrying Around: Bad Monkey & Fault In our Stars

The Book I’m Carrying Around

This year, I will let you, my fellow readers, know what I’m reading at the beginning of the month.  Hopefully, it’ll be something that you’ll enjoy, as well, and you’ll join me in reading and discussions (on Facebook or on the blog) through the month.  I just finished Amy Tan’s Valley of Amazement, and after that emotional journey, I wanted to find something a bit lighter and happier.  Combing through my pile, I found that I don’t have that many in that category.  Anyway, to kick off the year, I’m reading two books this month.
The first, from my to-read pile - Bad Monkey by Carl Hiassen. Yes, I am a fan of his twisted humorous crime novels. They're the kind of book that makes you feel bad for laughing at what’s supposed to be a serious situation.  This one is about an ex-Miami, now-Key West cop who winds up in the possession of an arm (with un upraised middle digit) from a recently demised man, hooked by a fishing charter boat patron.  I know, it doesn't sound like it would be funny, but after a long day, kicked back with a glass of wine, it’s a guilty pleasure.
The second, as recommended by my 14-year old daughter for being “such a good book” that I HAVE to read it, is John Green’s The Fault In our Stars.  You'll find it on the Young Adult shelves, not where I usually get my books, but I think it would be good to take a peek at my daughter's reading interests, as well as read a highly acclaimed novel.  (Win-win.)  “Oh,” she warned me, “it might make you cry.”  This, after I wiped away a few tears having completed chapter 1.  “Especially the end.”  Yes, a story about a teenage girl battling cancer just might do that.  But, I HAVE to read it. So, I am.

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