Friday, January 3, 2014

Book I'm Carrying Around: The Supadupa Kid

Getting your kids to read is much easier when they find a book they like.  And they seem to want to read books where they like the characters.  My son suggested that I should mention The Supadupa Kid by Ty Allan Jackson on my blog because other boys would really like this book about a boy who gets cool superpowers.  And a supersuit.  What else could a boy want?

Twelve-year old Javon is a normal kid – he goes to school, is pestered by his little sister, and lives with his mom and dad.  Until one rainy day, by a freak accident of getting struck by lightning, he gains super powers.  He can fly and shoot lightning from his hands!  Unfortunately, the neighborhood bully was also struck by that same lightning, and he also has superpowers, now, too.  Javon and his sidekick friend (every superhero’s got to have a sidekick), use his powers for good, saving the neighborhood from bad guys, retrieving cats from trees, and fighting the school bully. The story is told from Javon’s point of view, as if a friend is talking to you, and intermixed with comic strips that summarize the chapters.  He experiences some angst and excitement about being a kid, with a little crush on a cute girl at school, and about being a superhero.

My son picked up The Supadupa Kid at the Baltimore Book Festival and was reading it by the time our car hit the highway on our way home.  He said to be sure to write here that he couldn’t put it down. As a normal kid, with a pestering little sister, and grand imagination, I think he found kinship with Javon. I heard him laughing as he read and a couple days later, he concluded that it was a good book.  Pressed for more details, he looked at me in the way little boys look at their moms, and said, “It just was a good book.”  Well, the boy is reading and enjoyed it.  What else could a mom want?

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