Wednesday, January 15, 2014

#WIP: I Can Make That (And it's going to be a hat)

A sign of a crafter?  "I can make that" is a constant refrain.  Even more so if their friends show them pictures or point out things in the store and say "can you make that?"  And of course, the answer is "yeah, sure."  Doesn't matter what craft - scrapbooking, sewing, painting, woodcarving, papermaking, gardening, cooking, crochet, knitting.  Once a crafter has decided that they are pretty good at something - and know the relative value of the raw materials - "I can make that" is their response.

So, yeah, I'm one of those people.  I'll blame it on my mom (because I've learned as a mother, everything can eventually be blamed on your mom) because she's the cook who picks through food at a restaurant or watches Iron Chef and says "what's the big deal, I can make that" and then the next thing I know, we're eating stir-fried salmon skin and some kinda soup for dinner.  I've been known to notice a hat or scarf or sweater someone is wearing and try to identify the stitches and yarn used in construction.  I might have on occasion made my husband rewind the news because the reporter had a great scarf on while standing outside in 10 degrees telling us how cold it was or torn out a page in a magazine with a picture of a simple enough sweater or counted stitches on a scarf in the store.  And maybe I have followed someone around who had on a really cute hat.  Maybe.

Which brings me to my current work-in-progress.

It's going to be a hat... 
Let's say that I saw a woman with a cute little hat on, with a different kind of construction for a hat where the rows went front-to-back across the head rather than in circles or spirals and was gathered on the side.  My friends made that same face you are probably making as I tried to explain it to them, too, but trust me - it was cute.  It seems a bit crazy yarn stalker-ish to go up to someone and say "hey, can I look at your garment or take a picture," so I didn't do that. I just kinda watched her until I got a good picture in my head.  (Don't judge me. You know you've eyed some nice pair of shoes or baby stroller or something.)

I know, it doesn't look like a hat just yet. But there's a swim practice, basketball game, choir rehearsal or some pick-up lane in my near future.  Then it'll be a hat.

As for "I can make that" being the constant loop in our heads?  Let's not even talk Pinterest and Ravelry, right?  But if we're going there, then go there with me - stop by my pages and say "hi!"

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