Friday, February 7, 2014

Get on the School Bus! #PTA

An hour ride on a big yellow school bus.  At night. And no food or drink at the other end.  Waterside, but no beach or sun.


Sound like a fun evening? No? Yeah, well, that will be my next Thursday.  Why?

Because that’s what you do when you realize that sometimes advocating for change is about more than just what’s good for your own family.  When things are going well for you, that might be what makes you realize, I should join the voices of others because, well someone did that for me.  I’m sure you can think of many examples.

This one in particular is about school construction.  A mystery to most, and still in great part to me, the total sum of dollars that goes into building that shiny new school with the brick walkway and astro-turfed field comes from a mixture of local taxes and state funds.  And the contribution from the parent booster clubs for the blinking, high tech electronic billboard out front.  And even if your child is sitting in a classroom with elbow room in a safe, secure school – shouldn’t every kid have that experience?

So, there. That’s why I’m boarding a school bus with a couple hundred other parents, students, teachers, administrators, and county officials to take this long ride to our state capital and meet with our state legislators.  To advocate for school construction money being directed to school systems; like ours, which is growing and bulging with over new 2500 students a year. Not because we just need shiny new bricks. But because we like the idea of schools having kitchens that aren’t equipped with black stoves built in the 50’s, windows that actually close when it’s 10 degrees outside, walkways that don’t flood with rain and/or sewage in a heavy downpour. And that have classroom space and desks for every child to learn.

REVISED: Thursday, March 6 is MD PTA night in Annapolis.  Will we see you there?

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