Monday, March 17, 2014

Currently... Snowed In Again

Less than a week before the little square marked "First Day of Spring" and we've got inches of snow. 4", 5", a foot, I don't know - enough to close school again for the 11th or 55th snowday this year, I've lost count.  They're going to be in school until the July 4th parades at this point.  In the meantime, we're all home.
It's snowing...again. But spring is coming!
Eating... birthday cake and Pi-day apple pie.  We've got two birthdays this month and with Pi Day thrown in, we have a couple week run of desserts.  Right now we've got a basketball-shaped red velvet cake (okay, half a basketball) and an apple pie, sprinkled with snickers bars (thanks, Pinterest.)  All that with coffee, of course.

Reading... I'm reading On The Come Up.  The kids are all supposed to have selected a book, too. Although for them it takes some huffing & puffing, a few rounds of "there's nothing to read" despite the piles and shelves of books around the house, which turns into "I've read all those," at which point I let them know I do not actually believe they've read every book in the house, and if so, there's always the dictionary. Then they manage to find something to read, even if it's the Guiness Book of World Records or Almanac of Weird Facts, at which point, I almost regret making them read because these they must read out loud, sharing all of their newfound knowledge of odd facts.

Playing... out in the snow. Okay, well, not me, the kids.  There's four of them and a couple neighbor kids, they don't really need me.  I've declared recess before lunchtime, just like in school, and sent them out for some physical activity.  It's good for them.

Working out... shorts and t-shirt wardrobe season is coming, I'm sure of it.  I'm committing to exercise more as the winter melts away.  Even stuck in the house, there's always sit-ups, hand weight exercises, inside cardio like jumping jacks and running in place to get the heart moving.  And work off all this birthday cake.

Looking forward to... the end of the snow. It's pretty, it's peaceful, and I really don't complain too much about the weather, not really. But it's terrible weather for suede boots and I'm tired of my all weather boots.  So now I'm going to paint my nails some wonderful spring color and wait for sandal season.
Ready for spring... at least my nails are.
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Robyn said...

Love the nail polish! Pretty colors