Monday, March 3, 2014

Currently...Just Piddlin

In March, we feel like we should be moving towards spring, but it is indeed still winter, and Mother Nature has a way of reminding us of such.  My oldest was born in March and we were sent to the hospital early due to the forecast for a winter storm (which did, in fact, come, and I was sure no-one would come see my new baby because of the snow.) Ever since, it seems like we've had a snowy, or at least cold, March.  Today is such a day and we are snowed in (again).  Spring is coming soon, I know it is. But here's where I am today.
Listening to... My kids navigate the rules of their board games. How did they get this far and not know how to play Scrabble?
Making... A pink hat, something simple with maybe a pom-pom on it because I don't have a hat with a pom-pom and that seems like a happy necessity to get thru this cold.
Cooking... Chili. Because it's cold.  I boiled and soaked the beans this morning and will make a meat version and a veggie version. Probably serve it with spaghetti.
Missing... The sun! We just came back from a friend's wedding in sunny, warm Mexico, so I was instantly spoiled by the feeling of the warm rays, sand, and flip flops. A few of our friends are actually stranded there with this winter storm and I hope they get home safely, soon. 
Reading...Articles on John Brown's raid of Harper's Ferry.  Just finished The Good Lord Bird, a fictional take on John Brown told from the viewpoint of a slave boy who dressed as a girl while he ran around with Brown for several years prior to the raid. The book made me wonder what was fact and what was fiction.  I'm thinking of reading 12 Years a Slave, given it's Oscar win last night, but I might need a break from slavery stories.
What are you doing currently?
Thanks to Sydney Austin Designs for the inspiration for this blogpost. 
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Jenn @ The Lemonade Connection said...

Currently...reading your blog! And enjoying the moment. A tad jealous of your time in sunny Mexico. and very very happy for you that you could do that. :) I love it down there on the beaches...Drink in hand. Perfect chill factors.

Found you on Bloggy Moms - Great to meet you! I'll definitely add you on Twitter and sending you success wishes entirely!

Mommyx4 said...

Thanks for stopping by Jenn - and do please send us some of that California sunshine!