Monday, April 21, 2014

Currently... Easing back into Regular Life Again

We just came back from a week of spring break. We didn't do much and I'm glad about that - I was so looking forward to doing nothing.  There were a few highlights. Hubby and I went to NYC to see Raisin in the Sun, (Denzel Washington, great play, and a great date) then we spent the rest of the week at the beach with the kids.  It was too cold to go anywhere near the water - I love the beach, but have really had enough of the cold.  We went to the movies (Captain America & Rio2), ate ice cream, and went swimming.  I caught up on reading, almost finished a crocheted shawl, and started a knitted scarf (because why wait 'til a project is finished to start a new one.)  We finished up the week with early church service and a delicious Easter dinner. And of course, dying eggs and the Easter egg hunt.  Whew.  Now what am I up to? Easing my way back into our regular life, while at the same time preparing for a month of a whirlwind of activities.
Laundry, laundry & more laundry. Washing, folding, and putting away everything in the suitcases. I have however, come up with a packing system that makes this a little easier. Packing for the return home, I put all the dirty clothes in one suitcase and any remaining clean clothes in another. When I get home, I can just drag the dirty clothes suitcase to the washing machine and put away everything in the other.

Making Chocolate Overnight Oats for a busy week.  Even if you think you don't like oatmeal (like me), these are yummy, filling, portable breakfasts: layers of Greek yogurt, mixed with chocolate powder, oatmeal, strawberries, and nuts.   I made one when I was testing out the recipe for Food52; next morning, threw it in my bag to go to my daughter's basketball game.  Perfect on-the-go breakfast.
Packing - or at least thinking about packing - for the sorority conference I'll be heading to on this weekend. This year, I celebrate  the 25th year of my membership, our "Silver" year and I'm quite excited! 
Catching up on all the organization stuff - PTA and my sorority - I didn't do over the break because I purposely let myself not do stuff and rest.
Working out.  Again.  2 words: skirt season. Oh, wait, 2 more: short sleeves. 

What are you up to this week?
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