Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIP On the Go

Meetings (at least 1 a week for something), doctors' & dentists' appointments (there's a lot when you have 4 kids), waiting on kids after practice of some sort, sports activities (games, meets, races, matches - whatever you want to call them). Like any busy mom, I'm always on the go. And so is my yarn. 90% of the time, I have a skein of yarn and hooks and needles in my bag. The other 10% of the time when I'm yarnless, it probably means I did not finish my coffee and did not fully think my day through and I'm probably sitting, twiddling my thumbs like someone going through withdrawal.
Along with my yarn, I also keep my supplies on hand - because what's a ball of alpaca without a hook or needle to stitch it?  Here's a peek at my supplies kit.
There are plenty of specialty knitting needle /crochet hook carrying cases on the market, at every price point. Mine is none of those. Instead, I have re-purposed a travel jewelry bag (which was a gift from a friend because it's pink.) It has zippered, clear plastic sections, folds up to the size of a large wallet, and fits easily in any of my bags.
What's in it? I don't / can't carry every hook and notion that I own. Here, I have just the basics for a project on the go.
Hooks & Needles - an assortment of the sizes I use the most and any others I anticipate needing
- small sewing scissors
- yarn needle
- teeny crochet hook 
- stitch markers 
Misc. Stuff  
- teeny Post-It notes - good for making notes on patterns or just when I need to write something down
- safety pins - they make good stitch markers and are useful for holding a stitch in case the hook falls out when I put the project away
- a pencil 
Do you carry a crochet/knitting kit? What's in it that I've forgotten? 
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