Monday, November 17, 2014

Currently… Catching up, Planning, and Tech-Challenged

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?  Where did the year go?  What are you doing this week as we get ready to roll into the holiday season?  Here’s what I’m up to this week.


Android v Mac Tech-challenged. Trying to figure out how to get the 2000 pictures off of my Android phone onto my Mac computer.  My husband said “all you gotta do…”  Always be careful with any instructions that begin with this phrase.  It’s a signal that the things is not going to be simple, at all.

Catching up from last week.  You know how it is when you take a few days out of your normal routine – whether it’s for vacation, or you get sick, or you have to travel for work.  When you get back to your normal, there’s all the stuff you’ve got to do that should’ve been done while you were out of your normal spot.  I spent Monday through Friday at the school bookfair last week, so now I’m catching up at home. Laundry, groceries, housekeeping.  Writing.  Are there things that we can just say, “forget it, it’s not getting done”?  (By the way - I've listed a few diverse picks from the bookshelves in this post from last week - Diverse Books form the Bookfair.)

Getting ready for this week.  And despite trying to catch up from yesterday, today is still here and tomorrow is still coming.  I’m working on my menu plan (which helps a little bit with that daily panic of what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner), related grocery list, and everything else to do list.

Thinking about Sunday’s message at church, or at least the line that I lifted out of it: To be a bridge for the hopeless, you must be ready to be trampled upon.  Still thinking on it, let’s talk about it more tomorrow.

Exercising again.  I don’t really have to go into the got off track, gained a few pounds, blah blah blah explanation, right?  So now, especially before the dessert-rich holiday season really kicks in, I’m trying to do better.  On my shopping list is one of those holders for the treadmill so I can read read on my iPad while I’m doing my walking warm-up.  I can scan email, Facebook and Twitter, flip through a few articles in those ten minutes.  I’m not much for exercise multi-tasking (why I love swimming) but this little bit makes me feel productive until I turn up the speed and start running.  Do you go into any kind of pre-holiday diet or exercise routine?

And I’m writing.  Working on novel number two and a few blog posts.  Coming up soon are posts about #GivingTuesday and service and a review of Watching Seeds Grow for kid entrepreneurs in observance of National Entrepreneurship Week.

Have a great week!

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