Monday, November 3, 2014

Currently... Welcoming November!

While we're preparing to be thankful for all that we have, aren't we also panicking a little bit realizing that we only have 61 (well, 59 now) days to finish our list of stuff to do in 2014?  Or is that just me?  In the meantime, I am welcoming November, this month that is definitely fall, not summer and rarely trying to pretend to be like September and October.

This month I can say, with confidence to my kids, "Put on a coat!"   As I look forward to November, I'm also currently...

Excited about waking to sunlight.  We get up at usually some-dark-thirty in the morning because of the crazy bus time for my high schooler.  This morning, I woke in a panic thinking we were all late because it was so bright out.  It's so much more pleasant to wake up to sunlight than the last twinklings of stars.

Still adjusting to standard time.  As welcoming as I am about sunlight in the morning, I'm still confused as to when I'm supposed to go to bed and/or be tired.  Each season we switch from daylight to standard time, it takes me about a week for my body to figure it out.  In the meantime, there's always coffee.

Struggling with my school system's high school plan.  In my neighborhood, the students are assigned to one of five high schools in the area.  My oldest daughter is at one and my second is preparing her selection form for next year, possibly selecting another school.  Part of me says, there's no option, she goes to the same school as her sister.  Another, smaller part of me says, maybe she should get the same opportunity to choose as her sister.  All of me says, I'm really upset that my school system is putting me in this situation.

Changing up my workout plan.  Although I did the Miracle Marathon and am still coaching for Girls on the Run, I think I need something other than running in the mix.  I think I'm adding swimming back into the routine.  They say that after a while, you've got to change up your exercise routine to challenge your body differently.

Picking out yarn for myself and for charity.  I need want a new scarf and hat for myself.  I'm also stitching for charity. A few years ago, I wrangled my friends into making a pile of scarves for women at a homeless shelter and that has become our annual stitching charity.  It's that time of year again and so we begin our holiday stitching.  I am going to try to pull something from my stash, but you crocheters/knitters know how that goes, right?

And of course, I'm looking forward to baking a table full of cakes and pies for Thanksgiving.

Welcome to November!

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