Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Parent's Christmas Wish List

Here’s my list of all I want for Christmas. Or my birthday. Or anyday. 
  • More sleep. Specifically, in the mornings because I don’t want to miss Jimmy Fallon and the Roots.  I just want to sleep until after the sun has come up.

  • To only have to say “good night, sweethearts” once a night. Okay, even four times would be fine, but once per child per night.

  • Less laundry. My kids put on their jeans, go to school, sit at their desks, come home sit on the couch, take them off, throw them in the laundry hamper (or usually the floor, but let’s pretend.) I’ve been telling my kids, air them out, hang them up, wear them again. And I’m even backed up by Levi’s President & CEO Chip Bergh who recommends washing your jeans less than every week – or in his case, annually.  And swimming towels? Ugh. The life of the mother of a swimmer.
  • Less dishes to wash. If you just have toast and a boiled egg, you can just wipe of the crumbs and use it again, right? Someone – back me up.

  • More sleep.  On the weekends when we’re supposed to be sleeping in, not setting an alarm to get to [fill-in-the-blank] practice.

  • To finish a cup of coffee while it’s hot. I start every morning with two cups of coffee. The first one is to sip while I’m getting everyone ready and out the door. I generally never finish that one because mid-way it gets cold.  If I’m lucky, I get to finish the second one between the washing drying, folding, sweeping.

  • Mastery of another language that only my husband and I know. This way, we could maybe have a conversation without our offspring interjecting. I’m regrettably not fluent in Korean, so even to this day, my mother and her sisters and friends can talk about whatever they want (including me) without me knowing that they’re talking about. I’m jealous of that power. Lesson young parents – learn a foreign language.

  • A helicopter. It doesn’t have to be all Air Force One-ish, something simple with a coffee cup holder that carries five and all their stuff is all I need. Then I could get through the crazy traffic in my county and get everyone to basketball, swimming, tennis, and choir practice all at the same time, without negotiating who will be late this time and who will have to wait afterwards to get picked up. Do they come in pink and green?

  • Another cup of coffee, afterall. Yes, let’s go for three. Make it hot.

  • A magic potion to make this childhood thing last a little bit longer. My oldest is in high school, her sister will join her next year.  Chatter comes through our house with words like “SAT,” “college application,” “won’t live here anymore,” “driver’s license.”  It’s making me nervous. Where did “dollbabies,” “coloring,” “One Fish Two Fish” go? I’ll take four doses, please.

  • Just a little more sleep.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy the gift of eternal love and family, today and every day.

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