Monday, January 5, 2015

Currently... Getting Back to the Regularly Scheduled Program

We had a good (almost) two week break from the family bus route around the county to kid activities and meetings. We’ve slept in, stayed in our pajamas way too late to be socially acceptable, and confused breakfast and lunch.  I had a list of “when I’ve got some time projects” – clean out my closet, put away all the miscellaneous stuff around the house, read the entire stack of to-read books on my desk, catch up on Scandal, hang up some pictures, organize the rest of the pictures and catch up on a couple scrapbooks.  Yeah, none of that got done.  But I did host a laughing-good-time Christmas for family and friends, visit with friends that I haven’t seen in a long time, get beat in ping-pong, show off my dance steps with Just Dance, share a bucket of popcorn with my hubby, and have good luck rice cakes with my parents for New Year’s Day.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program.

Filling in my calendar. I set-up my 2015 planner, as I explained in this previous post about my ARC disc-planner. Now, I’m actually writing in those meetings and doctor’s appointments. I’ve also created a sheet of stickers with the recurring items – basketball games, swim meets, PTA and sorority meetings. I used a basic sheet of Avery address labels, found some simple clipart and ta-da!  I can go back and write the details for the sports activities, most of my meetings are same day/same time things, I just need the reminder.

Finishing up leftovers. I didn’t realize that I actually cooked so much during the holiday. I plan to have eaten what’s left by mid-week.  Then I’m starting on all the food in the freezer.

Getting back in the gym. One word: baking.  Will get back to my marathon a month and once I convince myself that it’s not that cold, I’ll get back in the pool (this, despite throwing my kid in the pool several times a week.)  This isn’t like a new year’s resolution gym goal – those overarching, over-reaching goals (workout 3 hours every day) don’t usually stick. I just want to get back to the routine I had before I let everything else take over and push my fitness way down the priority list.
Swim-bike-run-collapse: Finishing a triathlon in Annapolis
Enjoying the emptiness of the house. But kinda missing the company, too.

Putting on another pot of coffee to make it through the day.

Welcome to 2015 – make it great!

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