Monday, January 26, 2015

Currently… Thinking I Need a Wife

I have said a multitude of times, that I need a wife. Someone to clean up after me, make me hot tea when I’ve got a cold, keep up with my laundry, make sure my annual gyn and mammogram appointments are made, and since I like to cook, she would only have to wash the dishes.  If I had a wife, that’s what she would do.  But one thing she wouldn’t be is… me. Because I’ve already got me and things don’t always work out so well.  I fall asleep before making tea, put off housecleaning to read a book, and am months behind on all doctor’s appointments.  So it’s with interest that I read this article about the woman who recently married herself.  And based on a bunch of other articles that popped up about others who have done the same thing, I guess this is a new thing.  (I haven’t seen any mention of guys doing the same, so I guess none has decided he needs a husband.)

I get self-love and being committed to your own happiness.  I’m not so sure I understand the point of the ceremony.  And I do wonder, if taking yourself for your own bride might be blocking some energy of someone else who may wish to take you as their bride.  I mean, do you tell people you are married to yourself? Would it be disloyal to yourself if Mr. Right does come along and you decide to marry him? Many questions come to mind.  But I do know this: if I was to marry myself, it would be on a beach in the Caribbean or South Pacific and I’d stay for the honeymoon. I think I deserve a great honeymoon.

Other than contemplating marriage, here’s what else I’m currently up to.

Bracing for this supposed impending snow storm. They’ve been warning about it all weekend, and we woke up to… a dusting. Kids went to school, I’m heading out for today’s appointments.  And to buy rice. There are two things I hate going into a snow storm without: rice and coffee.  I’ll take this as God giving me a grace day to go get some food.  (What are your snowstorm must haves?)

Realizing that January is almost over. What have I done with my life this month? I’ll admit, I haven’t checked off everything I intended to do, but I did start Bible study – reading through the New Testament, so I am at least doing that.

Still decluttering.  Yesterday, we gave away bags and boxes of books to a local high school’s used book sale.  I’ve been cooking up the food in the freezer before buying more. And I’m still trying to get my office in order, to be pretty. I feel like I spend so much time trying to get work done, whatever that may be, I have little time to fix up my space. Working on that.

You see, a wife could help me with these other things, at least the buying rice and decluttering part. But again, marrying me would not be helpful.

How’s it going with you?

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