Friday, January 23, 2015

What Mother Came Up With Post-Sports Game Snacks?

Team snacks. Ugh. The thorn in the side of every kid sports team parent, or at least this one.  I was so relieved to somehow - perhaps fate, sports-gods, luck - slip by mostly unscathed from this modern-family gauntlet of kid activity requirements.  Then, last week after Nat’s basketball game she came over with juicebox and a bag of cookies in hand.  “Where did you get that?” I asked as if she was carrying a live virus.  Suzy’s mom brought snacks for everybody. Ugh! Are we starting a snack list, are we going to have to switch teams?

Who came up with this?  Why, why do kids need a snack after an hour sports activity? And why do we have to stay together to eat it, since the game is over, can’t we all just go home (or more likely, to the next kid sport activity)? And why, why do we have to share in this responsibility of feeding the kids, why can’t every mom just bring their own kid a snack?  Now, I have to be conscious of your gluten-free, no sugar, no salt, no peanut, no soy-based, no red food coloring, organic only, locally raised food requirements.  I can barely shove four water bottles, oranges and granola bars in a bag for my own kids and now you want me to consider all these other kids, too? Who, I want to know, came up with this?

And with all that angst about the little kid, post-activity snack, I’m in the midst of cooking three huge pans of spaghetti for the high school basketball team. But this does not cause me the anxiety that picking out snacks for little people does. Perhaps because I see the point – the girls have been in school all day and have a game this evening.  They have to eat in between and if we parents don’t pitch in with dinner, we’re left with the option of either packing their dinner before they go to school or they or their coach would have to go out after school to pick up dinner.  There’s more justification for a parent-provided meal pre-game than there is for post-game snacks for the little people.

I’m keeping an eye out for the little kid team snack list. And really hope it was a mom’s one-time generosity.  Snack for another ten kids is just another thing for me to forget to do.

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