Thursday, January 29, 2015

Superbowl vs. Baby

You're going to the Superbowl! Your baby is due! What do you do?

What do they say about making plans and life, or God, just laughing at you? Apparently Richard Sherman, cornerback (don't ask me what that means; he has long dreads, runs fast, is a pretty recognizable guy on the team) for the Seattle Seahawks, may have to choose between playing in the Superbowl or being bedside if his girlfriend goes into labor on the day of the big game. (More on ESPN.)

So if you read this blog regularly, you may be confused because 1- I rarely write about professional sports, 2 - well, go back to 1.  But this is only tangentially about sports, and I actually do watch a lot of football, thanks to my husband, but really watch all the pre-game and pre-pre-game shows about the players.  Now, back to the Superbowl and the baby.

Some will say, unquestioningly, he needs to suit up, get on the field, come baby or not. Others, will say he without a doubt needs to be at the hospital. Like a lot of things, including football - it all comes down to timing?  Friday or Saturday, baby comes - no problem, he may miss some practice or media time or something. But Sunday? At what time does he and baby mama-to-be say "get to the stadium?"  And what if she goes into labor during pre-game warmups or half-time? Ahh! The decisions.

So here's what I say (in case he's out there wanting some advice from a mom-of-4 blogger): go to the game!  It's the Superbowl!  He may never ever play in the Superbowl again, you just never know. But God willing, his baby and girlfriend will be there waiting for him when the game is over and for many years to come.  I mean - have you ever been to the Superbowl? I have and it is the greatest funnest party of the year. I would maybe miss my own baby's birth to go.  For generations and generations, the dad was not bedside, he paced outside somewhere or at home or in the other cave or wherever, and women did all right birthing babies.  And have you seen the Superbowl ring? If he wins, wouldn't that be a special thanks-for-having-my-baby present?

Either way - God bless him & his growing family!

What do you think? Superbowl or Baby?

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