Monday, February 16, 2015

Currently... Hoping for a Snow Day

I've bought my coffee, creamer, and eggs and have cases of Girl Scout cookies. I am ready to be snowed in.  And, for once, I am hoping that the weather man will be right!

It's not that I really need a day locked in with my kids. But I'm ready to have my calendar erased for a day. Just one day. I thought it would be today, because today is a federal holiday, but apparently, high school basketball coaches don't really care about the birth of our Founding Fathers.  And you know how it is, once you get dressed, churn up the car and drive someone to practice, you might as well run some other errands and next thing you know, you're in Target buying Valentine themed socks because they're only $2 and it's 1 o'clock by the time you get home and you realize you've not done anything you planned to do today.  Add this to a crazy weekend, that also became busier than expected, as always.  So when do we get a break?

One of my BFFs and I have said, "enough, we need a mom vacation!" A break from dishes and laundry and homework and asking husbands about their day at work or long-distance calls to husbands working out of town for weeks at a time and sports activities and all the stuff that makes a mom feel like getting a manicure is some type of vacationing nirvana.  So we looked at our calendars to figure out when we are going to take this wonderful, mom-only, umbrella-drink hosted vacay.

Well, there's the six kid birthday weekends to cross out because mom can't miss a birthday.

And no to Mother's Day because that's the day the family gets to choose what mom should do.

Then there's spring break and Easter, can't be gone when the kids are out of school or on a pretty major religious holiday.

Then there's the grandparents' vacation because who else will watch all these kids while we're gone?

Oh, well, now we're up to the first day of school and we've got to be around for that.

And there's no way dad is going to be able to get Halloween costumes together.

Yes, please weatherman, please be right. It seems like being locked in my house in 10-degree weather is my best vacation option right now.  At least there's rum.

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