Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Write a Letter a Day

In a box somewhere are all the letters I received from my husband while I was in college. In the summers, there were letters from friends. After graduation, more letters with different return addresses as friends moved around, embarking on the next stages of our lives.  All this was of course, way back then, pre-Facebook and texts, in the long-distance calls that charged by the minute era.  And even now with the instant gratification of a status update of your BFF's lunch, there's something special about getting an envelope in the real mailbox, with familiar handwriting, that isn't a bill.

I always say I'm going to get better at sending notes and cards, because it's actually something I like to do.  Every now and then, I'll see a card that makes me laugh or I think will make someone else laugh and I'll drop it in the mail. I'm really good at picking out belated-birthday cards.  I think thank you cards are especially sweet. I'm trying to be more intentional about it this year, just because. I did okay for January.

I read about a write-a-letter-a-day campaign for the month of February, tied to Valentine's Day or because the originators weren't convinced that anyone could make it much past 28 days, I'm not sure. I liked the idea of it, I've actually tried it before on my own. It is a commitment, as doing anything every day is, but it also becomes a little bit of fun.

You want to join me?  Take up that challenge - to write one letter or card in your own handwriting and mail it with a real 44-cents (or is it 45-cents now?) or Forever stamp in a real mailbox.  It's already the middle of the month, but it doesn't matter.  Even if you don't get everyday, you can get in a few.  Pick your favorite number and write that many letters by February 28.  Start today.

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