Monday, March 9, 2015

Currently...Springing Forward to Birthdays, My Own Space & Spring Break

Spring forward or fall back - it doesn't matter - I'm thrown off for days trying to figure out what time it is, remembering whether I adjusted this clock or not, and whether I should have another cup of coffee or a glass of wine (such decisions!)

Add that to a whirlwind of weekend activities, running back-to-back and on top of each other, after two no-school snow days and I'm totally out of whack today.  Oh - and I picked up sugar-free coffee creamer.

But the weather seems nice out and I'm in a kinda good mood.  I've got a few projects going on, all of which I need to wrap up in the next two weeks (thus, more coffee, less wine, even less mojitos.)    Other than those, there's a few another things I'm currently working on.

Baby blankets and baby hats.  Still have baby blankets to finish and/or deliver for my pregnant friends.  With this cold snap, I've also added hats to the list because I hate to see a baby outside without a hat.  I've also considered making preemie hats because I have so many little bits of yarn.  That's on my to-do list, but if you know of an organization that needs preemie hats, let me know. That'll get me stitching.

Organizing and decorating my space. A year or so ago, I took over the kids' playroom as my work space.  It still doesn't feel cozy to me, yet. Right now it's functional (sometimes, when it's not a mess), but not "me."  Which I'm not really sure yet what that is since I've not lived alone and had my "own" space since I was in grad school, when it was just me and my dog (not my current dog, another black Cocker Spaniel).  I'm collecting ideas - where else? On Pinterest in "a room of my own."

Planning a Sweet 16. I'm kinda nervous about this. Okay, maybe more about my first child turning 16! than the actual party, although thinking about 50 teens in my house is making me a bit anxious, too.  I'm overwhelmed by all the stuff I still need to teach her (she still doesn't even sort her laundry properly or know how to put on eyeliner) and the limited amount of time before she heads off into the big blue world (of which I'm reminded by the mountain of college info that is stuffed in the mailbox).   And if she turns 16, that means, Lord willing, the next one will too and then the next and then the next. And where will that leave me?  Oh, yeah - on a beach in the Caribbean with an umbrella drink.  (Think positive!)

Thinking about spring break.  It'll be here before we know it and I really really don't want to be near my house when it comes. How far can I drive in a week or maybe we can get on a plane.  What great spring break plans are out there?

Trying to figure out what home project my husband has going on in the basement. You know when your spouse makes multiple trips to Home Depot and you hear sawing and drilling and smell sawdust?  I just stay out of the way.  We could have a built-in pool or a basketball court by the time he's done. Who knows.

Now, let me get back to trying to fix up this coffee. I've got stuff to do.

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