Monday, March 16, 2015

Currently... Counting Down to Spring

I'ts mid-March - anyone notice that? As in - almost SPRING!  Though I've still got some more boot-wearing to get in - all those wet, snowy days really cut down on the cute boot-wearing days - I'm ready to shed my heavy winter coat.

Now, 5 days away from spring, here's what I'm currently up to.

Knitting a headband.  A friend gave me a Knit Wit Kit - a really pretty yarn bowl, a ball of gray, wool yarn and knitting needles for my birthday. I've been nervous about trying it out - there were 3 needles and I've barely learned how to knit with two. So I'm skipping the cabling pattern and going with the basic knit and purl. Note - I had to learn to purl for this project.  It's still cold, especially in the evenings, and I hate being cold, so this will be perfect for the spring.

Baking a red velvet cake in a Bundt pan. Because I don't have any parchment paper and it's impossible to get my red velvet cake out of regular round cake pans without it. This is a first, making this in the Bundt pan, but that's the plan I came up with mid-mixing.  If anyone has any ideas for getting cakes out of pans without parchment paper, let me know, for future reference.  (And buttering and flouring the pan does not work for this cake.)  Or who knows, this Bundt pan thing might be the new plan.

Taking my daughter for her Driver's Permit. Ahh!! Someone pray for me.

Watching out the window for the first signs of spring. Tulips or something pretty outside would be good.

How are you getting ready for spring?

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