Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Why You Should Be One of Those Ladies Who Lunch

My schedule last week was pretty much shot. Why? Lunch.

I'm a stay-at-home/write-at-home/volunteer-at-school mom.  My commute is a flight of steps and my receptionist is my dog.  Lunch for me is usually what was forgotten by my kids or a grilled cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwich (also grilled) sandwich, eaten while vacuuming or editing.

But what threw off my schedule? Sandwiches, drinks, and chocolate cake.

I caught up with a couple girlfriends when we all happened to be free at the same time, I visited with a friend who was in town for the week, and I went to a formal luncheon. I was, for a few days, like one of those fancy ladies who plan their lives around their lunch dates.  And all three ate up hours of time in the middle of my day, making those days pretty unproductive.  But here's five quick reasons to be a lady who lunches, anyway.

We need to connect to our friends. Vacuuming and running errands are important, but it's not going to make you laugh like sitting around with friends and complaining about vacuuming and running errands. We need to take a break from all the stuff to do and spend time with the people who matter to us. Take a break to share your joys and your worries, your celebrations and your concerns.  We need to do that, face-to-face, not just on Facebook posts and texts.

Delicious lunch, thanks to the chefs at Season 52.
It breaks your routine. For SAHM and WAHM, its good to get out of the house. We need to trade in the pajama pants, put on some lipstick, and let someone else feed us.  It doesn't have to be real fancy, but let it be a treat for you.  We do get in a rut, eating PBJs everyday, and, I don't know about you, but sometimes that rut can make you bored and unhappy. And hungry. Do things that make you happy.

For those days you can't wait 'til 5 pm.
Happy Hour can be whenever you make it.  Sure, "Happy Hour" is traditionally at 5 pm, but for SAHM/WAHM, this is a terrible time unless you're taking the kids along or hanging out at the bar in between dropping kids off at activities.  Dinner is also supposed to be at 6 pm, but when was the last time that happened either. If we can eat dinner at 9 pm, why can't we have happy hour at noon?

You could learn something. If you must make it productive so you don't feel guilty about neglecting whatever it is you are not doing, then find an educational event. Go to a brown bag parenting talk or take a lunch-time class (I took a writing class where everyone brought their lunch with them).  Go to a professional networking event, if you are in the job market or an entrepreneur.  Meet up with others who are in the same profession or volunteer organization and have a working lunch, share ideas and solutions.

Any excuse for chocolate cake will do.
It's fun.  It might not be "productive" (or it could be, see point above) but at the end of the week, will you look back and regret not visiting with your friend or not finishing that load of laundry at that particular time. Okay, maybe, when you're up at midnight still folding laundry, you might rethink that lunch, but not really.  What will make you smile is the break from the routine with people that matter or learning something important to you.

Happy lunching!

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