Monday, May 11, 2015

Currently... Exhausted by my Calendar

If I was rich and famous, I think I could be hospitalized with a press release saying I was suffering from exhaustion.  And people would check on me and I'd be given some time to rest.  Instead, I'm a regular mom of 4 and this is my regular state of being. Pass the coffee and the water, because according to my primary care expert, WebMD, I may also be dehydrated.

Why, oh, why would I be tired?  Here's a few ideas. Maybe some look familiar.

I've put stuff on our summer calendar.  My mind is already boggled looking at the grid of sports schedules, possible championship/next level events if kid/team qualifies, pre-college activities (still grappling with that), conventions.... all during the restful summer.

I'm looking at the end-of-school calendar. Exams, concerts, award ceremonies, summer registrations. Oh, and graduation! My oldest/first niece is graduating from high school!  We're so proud of the beautiful, talented young lady she has become and wishing her the most success as she ventures off! But - how did we get to this point? It seems like not too long ago that I went to her pre-school graduation. Her next big step is the first domino of a succession to fall, with my other nieces and nephew and own children in line, one after another. So understand, this isn't just my niece graduating and moving on with her new adult-ish life - this is all the blood-related children in my life leaving me.

I'm thinking about getting back to a real exercise plan. You know how bad it is when the thought of exercising makes you tired? Yeah. That's bad.

There's still a stack of to-do's on my desk and in my email box.  Even with the strategy of ignore it long enough and it will be too late to do it anyway, there's still a bunch of stuff to do. The trick, of course, is figuring out what must be done and what would be nice to do if there was time, because a lot of us get bogged down with getting it all done, even the stuff we don't even care about or someone else put on our list.  The list needs to be triaged to: must do, want to do, don't care to do.

Whew. I think I need a nap.

How do you carve out vacation and fun and relaxation on your calendar?

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