Friday, May 15, 2015

A Flower Grows in Brooklyn (Botanical Gardens)

On our last trip to New York, our friend suggested we stop through the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  It was our first (real) stop after a morning departure from home and four-hour drive. The flowery pathways and beautiful gardens made for a great place to stretch our legs and kick off vacation.

Add a visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to your New York City itinerary
There is, of course, a schedule of events and talks and demonstrations, but we didn’t do any of that. Instead, we met our friend and wandered around, enjoying the blooms and fragrances of the various themed gardens. Here's a few.

The Fragrance Garden, with all the smell-good flowers.  We might’ve even picked a mint leaf and sniffed at it through out the day.

The Japanese garden, my perennial favorite at any garden. This one has the requisite lake and pavilion.  If I lived nearby, I could imagine bringing a book and a cup of tea for an afternoon of peace and quiet.

The Waterlilies. Another one of my favorites. Flowers growing in water is quite fascinating to me. And as a black-thumb gardener, it seems like a good option, the opposite of a cactus, but maybe just as easy?

Bonsai Gardens.  I'm amazed by little teeny plants and trees and the patience required to cultivate such little greenery.

If you're going, what you need to know
  • The Gardens are closed on Monday
  • Admission is FREE on Tuesday, but a relatively good price the rest of the week ($12 for adults, $6 for kids over 12, kids under 12 are free anyday)
  • It’s next to the Brooklyn Museum and you can get a combo Art & Garden ticket

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