Wednesday, June 10, 2015

So Much Yarn, Not Enough Time

I made stop number 3 on the #MetroYarnCrawl - WoolWinders in Rockville, MD.  I've been here before, but not since the new owner, Amy, took over a year ago. Hopefully, I'll be back before another year passes or new owner comes in.
WoolWinders in Rockville, MD
When I stopped by it was a buzz of activity. Yes, a bit cliched, but when I walked in, that's what I immediately thought. There were a couple women chatting about yarn for some project and a bunch more at the table, laughing and talking while they were busy knitting.  And Amy and another shop employee were involved in it all - walking around and talking to everybody.

In-store sample - an inspiration for a new scarf
I found three skeins of Emerald green Mountain Top Chateau, a baby alpaca/bamboo blend, braided together.  I've never used this type of yarn before, but it's so soft and at 30% off, I couldn't resist.  They had a sample cowl on display, so that pretty much sold it.

Also - they had a beautiful kidsilk haze stripe in a gorgeous pink and green.  I think this will pair perfectly with a Malabrigo Baby Silkpaca - yes, alpaca and silk. Have I noted before how these are my favorite colors?

My favorite colors - pink & green - together again!
So if you go - WoolWinders is located in the shopping area of a residential development.  There's some street parking out front, if you are lucky (no meters); if not, there's a big shopping center parking lot in the back. And lunch options? There's a Subway next door and a few other restaurants in easy walking distance around the block.  And if you just want to enjoy the sunshine? There's park benches right outside.

My other stop? Second Story Knits in Bethesda, MD.

Happy shopping!

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