Monday, June 8, 2015

Currently...Checking off my Almost Summer ToDo List

I've got a week left until the end of school, until the end of morning alarms, rustling kids up, fussing about breakfast and packing lunch.

Well, in a way.  School will be over, but then swim team, summer basketball, summer classes, and hopefully, a summer job, will take the place of yellow busses and school bells.  But there is a slightly calmer feel to the long summer days.  So what am I doing in my last kid-free (relatively) week?  Here's the stuff on my to-do list.

Brunch with mom-friends. It's our last kid-free get together!  Through June, July and August, we may gather at the pool or someone's yard this summer with the family or take the kids all somewhere, but it'll be our last morning of mimosa without having to listen for "m-o-m!!" and having to decipher to whom the call is being directed to.  This mom get together is essential. Sometimes you just need to be with others in your same life phase to commiserate, support, laugh at all the mistakes you've made and reassure each other that it's gonna be all right.

My own wellness and health checks. Nothing like trying to get kids to wait patiently in the waiting room while you go to your doctor/GYN/mammogram appointment. These are must-do's while the kids are in school. And they are must-dos!  Moms are good at keeping the kids on schedule, but we've got to keep our health appointments up, too.

Summer workbooks and reading lists.  The terrible summer slide, when chemistry and Shakespeare and fractions hide in the corner of backpacks shoved in the backs of closets, not to be dusted off again until September (even for those of us in schools that start in August.)  The long days of summer are long enough to fit in a little bit of mental work.  I saw an idea for a daily journal - art, writing, something creative - I might try that this year, see what the kids think of that. In addition to a math workbook on the appropriate level and a reading list.  And not to be left out - the creative journal and reading list are for me, too!

Sweet tea. This is my summer staple. I've got a jar brewing now.  I always use Luzianne tea bags, the requirement for sweet tea. Every now and then, I find a flavored tea like peach or mango that I'll brew along with the regular tea bags for some different flavor. And I've also added orange slices or strawberries to be a little fancy. But the basics stay the same - Luzianne tea, sugar, water.  Add ice and enjoy.

Here's to the beginning of summer! What's on your list to kick off these sunny days?

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