Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm back

okay so its been a while, but now I'm back. so what brings me back to the blogging world? well, I've been spending way too much time over at my newest obsession - wonderful site to organize all your yarn (who could imagine that I actually had over 80 yarns in my stash - that's not 80 skeins/balls but 80 yarn types - at least 1 skein/ball of each!), patterns, and projects; search patterns; and chat with other yarn-addicted people. So one of those yarn-addicted people started a group about organizing, and then she started a blog, then she needed another columnist to write about organizing. hey, what else have i got to do? I like to think that i'm organized. now that doesn't mean you can walk into an immaculately clean house at any given time, but what it does mean is that I can find the phone number to all our favorite carry-out restaurants, the school bus schedule and curriculum, and all my necessary docs at tax time. that all brings me back to my blog - i'll be at the Organized Knitting Club on Fridays, i'll be here on others. see ya around.

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