Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back on schedule

Look at that pretty pink datebook that arrived in my mail this morning!  After the post about my search for a datebook, several people e-mailed and posted on FB links and suggestions to continue my quest.  A friend from college sent me a list of sites that had really nice planners (thanks, J!).  I passed on the $500 one and found this one at The Hach*.  They had so many cute options, if you are one of those people who like wandering around stationary stores looking at paper-stuff, you'll love this site.  

Mine is the LiveWork Agenda, I got the small - 4"x6" - exactly what I was looking for, but was tempted by the 5"x7".  There's a map of the world (I could trace the route of my planner - produced in S. Korea, sold on a website based in Canada, sent to me here in the U.S. of A.) and a yearly calendar (maybe I'll actually get some birthday cards out on time).  I was surprised to find that its an un-dated calendar, so while there's a space for each day, I'll have to write in the dates.  No problem, I can do that while watching Real Housewives since that doesn't take any brain power.  

In fact, now that I'm thinking about it, I could go ahead and order one for next year, or start stockpiling them for the eventuality that they may stop making them altogether.

*2015 Update: The Hach is no longer a site (went out of business, renamed? I don't know) but the LiveWork Agenda is available at FallinDesigns.

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