Monday, March 5, 2012

Craft Challenge - Project 4: Baby Blanket

I don't know what's going on lately, but there seems to be a baby boom (that I am glad not to be a part of!) and I've been making one baby blanket after another, barely making it to the next baby.  My kids are even getting pretty good at picking out what yarn and design a baby would like.  There's just something about wrapping a little baby in a soft, comfy blanket and holding them tight so I do enjoy making these unique gifts for the little people coming into the world.

This one I finished the other day but didn't want to post it until after the shower, which was this past weekend.  It's a self-striping yarn, that's probably better suited for knitting than crochet.  The first couple attempts ended up in pooling patches of brown that I didn't like.  I had to play with the pattern awhile to come up with a combination of double-chains and single-chains to get the striping pattern the way I wanted it.  The white stripes have splashed of blue and green, divided by the cafe brown stripes.  And - I forgot to take a picture of it - in one corner, there's a little heart charm.  (The picture's not that great - I was rushing and didn't grab my real camera.)

Welcome to the world, Baby Boy J!

And for mom-to-be, one of my college friends of over 20+ years, and dad-to-be - best wishes for a healthy last trimester, as easy a delivery as possible, and a healthy, beautiful baby. 

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